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What are the Different Types of Spiritual Warfare?

First, it is important to understand why the unHoly Angels attack. These are Angels that were once Holy and with God and by their own free will choice, chose to separate from God and to attack what God loves, the Earth and the Children of humanity made in His image. This is why they are called the unHoly Angels.

They seek to destroy, to cause division and separation and to sow discord. The unHoly Angels seek to cause as much pain and suffering to humanity and to God by harming what God loves. This is the basis of Spiritual Warfare. This is bigger than just humanity and it is about more than us, this is the Story of God’s love. And as the unHoly Angels chose to separate over the issues with humanity, this story includes us but truly it is much more far reaching. 

God Loves us all. And in that place of Love resides Free Will. In our choice of love and choosing love over fear, we come to know God better for God is Love! (1 John 4:8). And this is not a stagnant love, this is an evolving relationship, one in which we are asked to trust, to have faith, to discern, to hope and especially to Love. To Love God and One another as we are commanded (Matthew 22:26-40)

The rebeller, Satan challenged Father on three original issues:

  1. Mankind can lead his footsteps on his own apart from God.
  2. Mankind only comes to God for what he can get out of God.
  3. Mankind will do anything to save his own life, including curse God.

Let’s examine each one. 

For the first question, the Issue of Sovereignty. 

Throughout the ages we have seen mankind and the inability to produce a government that would not crumble.  Even the longest, they crumbled.  We can make this simple by granting Father’s right to rule.  To rule of us and over everyone.  This is the epitome of the statement “Thy Will Be Done.”

Who are we in the grand scheme of things to think we can outline our lives for ourselves better than God, who is all knowing and whose Love is beyond knowledge?  Why wouldn’t we turn it over to God to steer our course, to let Him who created us, show us His will for us.  Thy Will Be Done!  We can use this for everything, include Father in every decision!  We can because He gave us that ability to be hardwired to Him.  In prayer, for all things, He can guide our steps.  The earth has become the focus of God’s right to rule.

For the Second Question the Issue of Obedience:

We are not here to serve ourselves but Father.  We do this through following the two greatest commandments given to us by His Holy Son, Jesus Christ:

He answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Luke 10:27)

The Lord made all of us with Free Will.  How much more beautiful and fantastic can it get than the one who made us, loving us so openly, longs for us all to come to Him and embrace the love we were born to accept, to receive His love. 

Can we learn to be more childlike without being childish?  Can we see how much Father loves us?  Can we see a relationship beyond bartering through prayer and trying to get around His will for us?  We can come to Father to love and serve the Lord.  We can be His mobile sacred space that we may be spreading His love everywhere we go!  We can be in partnership with God, being the conduit of love for all those in need.

How wondrous!

For the Third Question the Issue of Integrity:

Mankind’s faithful obedience under religious persecution is at the source of the rebuttal of The Second Great Issue, the Question of Integrity.  “When tested as to the flesh, mankind will turn away from God.” Satan has stated that mankind will turn from God in time of bodily peril or material lack. God allows the tests to be performed, as undeniable proof that those who really love God don’t do it for selfish gain. Remember that God does not need the bad to show the good. But that God will allow for things to happen that we too may stand as examples of love and truth. 

Down through the centuries, Satan has shown to be the Great Opposer to Father and to man. He has used people as false religious leaders, ensnaring millions in the web of conspiracy and false doctrines. He has killed and oppressed man by untimely death, disease and illness, and physical and emotional trauma and persecution. He has had righteous and faithful mankind thrown into prison, the sea, the scorching desert; tortured by man and wild beast; and burned and dismembered. But, he cannot destroy the life of a child of God. Only man himself can do that, by seeing only the temporary material blemish of mortal life, and choosing to follow Darkness instead of the Light.

The Holy stigmata is the living sign that the wounds of Jesus Christ are on a surrendered body to Father, one who has given themselves to God, Our Father, that their very body may be used as an answer to saving His own skin!  A blessing within a blessing. This also serves as an answer to the question of surrendering ourselves to God. 

Likewise, we have many, many times seen those smitten with Divine suffering in many countries who have also kept their integrity, even to death, rather than calling out evil against God. How many lions have had their fill, how many swords their righteous blood, in bringing to pass this accusation? Among the imperfect but humble hearts of mankind, there are also those who have been desirous to resolve this issue without being expressly called to this opportunity. These offer themselves for resolution in the issue of suffering by offering their own skin in imitation of the Christ; Padre Pio and Saint Francis of Assisi are of that number, bearing the wounds of the stigmata, in their own flesh.  There are several people now throughout the world who currently are giving the testimony in their own bodies to answer this question.  There will be many more that will be experiencing the Holy stigmata. 

In the one of the most well known stories in the Bible that demonstrates this and outlines the actual issue brought up before Father, the Book of Job, we can see the reply of Job as the true answer of praising God, The Father.

Job did not curse God, He praised God!  How beautiful that Job showed what needs to happen every time we face evil, every time we face hardship.  His answer was love.  In the case of Job, though suffering from revolting disfigurement and festering sores and scabs that peeled and became black all over his body, he did not rebel against God. Through nightmares, fever and excessive thinness, and pain both day and night, he kept his integrity!  Love of God, Our Father.  Praise His Holy Name!  Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

This serves to prove more things, that Job, by not turning from God not only obeyed God, Our Father, but praised Him!  And Father has demonstrated in this outline that Satan has restrictions.  All those who think or have thought that Satan is all powerful can see right in the story of Job, that is not true. 

it is well established that many have proven that faithfulness to God, even in the face of certain death of the body is a testimony of Faith. These are the Martyrs, those whose bodies are killed but have made the spiritual choice to be faithful to God even at the point of death. 

The Accuser is given ability to afflict, but is kept on restriction in what he can do and how far he can go.

Many will benefit from knowing that Satan is kept on restriction.  If he was all powerful, wouldn’t it be obvious that he would not be restricted. Man calls out to God in times of peril, in times of near death and even death.  Man cries out “save me God”, “God help me” and “God, I commit myself to your arms.”

God, Our Father, is the ruler of all.  We are here to love and serve Him who created us, out of love, offering all that we are and all that we have to Him who loves us beyond any love we have known.

This is the basis of understanding Spiritual Warfare.

Now that we know the why, let’s look at the How.

How do the unHoly Angels attack?

An easy way to look at this is through the lens of free will. The unHoly Angels have attacked people in the same ways since the beginning, as we see outlined in the book of Job. The unHoly Angels attack our health, our relationships and our finances. 

Health-being in these physical bodies requires balance. in taking care of ourselves or another, we seek to have a place of wellness: no pain, no hunger, no suffering and free of mental, emotional and spiritual distress. This is why the unHoly Angels come against health so hard: if we are not feeling well, we are easier to break down and manipulate. Often when a person experiences an attack against their health, they can feel unloved and separate from God. It is in this place that the unHoly Angels seek to drive a wedge in their relationship with God.  a person can doubt they are loved, doubt they are heard and doubt God will listen and heal them. These are all big lies by the unHoly Angels. God loves us and always looks to help us.

Finances-often a place of worthiness vs unworthiness. People doubt and struggle with receiving. Being confident in God’s ability to utilize our gifts and talents to help others and knowing that God looks for us to have what we need to do all that we agreed to do on coming into these bodies and seeking to serve God.

Relationships-This may be the easiest place to spot manipulation. We are all in charge of our own choices, Love or Fear. If the unHoly Angels can create a place of division and separation in a loving relationship, they can sow the seeds of doubt. A person can question whether they are loved at all, by another or by God. This is why the unHoly Angels create such strife in relationships. However, if we choose love in midst of those attacks, if we can be loving even under duress, God will aid us and strengthen us. 

Recognizing these attacks and how they happen can help in your battle with the unHoly Angels. Knowing when and how a person is under attack gives us the ability to ask for greater help. Pray over these 3 places frequently for a strengthening and for greater grace and discernment.

The Methods the unHoly Angels use:

Like a game of chess, the unHoly Angels often test out our defenses. They look to see where we are weak, where we have holes in our free will and attack us in these weak spots.

These are the places where we can have holes in our Free Will:

Unforgiveness towards others, ourselves and situations,

Willful sin (knowing the difference between right and wrong and still choosing to do a wrong),

Choosing fear over love,

Addictions of any kind (trying to fill our God’s spot with something apart from God),

Abuse of any kind done to us,

Unworthiness or thinking we are not good enough for God to love us,


High negative emotions such as extreme, prolonged grief with the death of a loved one.

Once those holes in the free will are closed they will remain so, unless they are opened back up again. Father Billy also helps a person recognize what these holes might be (unforgiveness, pornography, willful sin, etc.) so the person can take any weak spots and make them strong once again.

The unHoly Angels also use another less known technique. Again from the viewpoint of a chess match, they send out a pawn to test our next move. The unHoly Angels use ghosts, people who have died and have yet to go back to god. They manipulate them and give them a small bit of their own power to torment and cause problems. these are the manipulated ghosts. 

A manipulated ghost will work a person down physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They will try to weaken them so the person is easier for the unHoly Angels to manipulate them. There is a prayer to assist with this battle. It is the prayer for manipulated ghosts:

“Heavenly Father, I ask that any manipulated ghosts here be nailed, held fast and silenced. I ask that their Guardian Angel show them their true name and as the Homing Angel departs, they too are allowed to leave and I say to them: ‘Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. A blessing upon them Lord that they may come home to you now. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen”

Let us Remember that this is about our Relationship with God, Love. 

If we can see this all through the lens of Love we can truly understand that it is not about how good we are but rather, how Great is God! We cannot win these battles on our own. God gives us much help, not only in awareness of our own choices  but also in mighty helpers, The Holy Angels!

We are told in Psalm 91 9-12: 

If you say “the Lord is my refuge” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. For He will command His Angels concerning you to Guard you in all your ways;They will lift you up in their hands so you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

Let us then Focus on God and seek to do His Holy Will. Let us make our choices of Love and ask for Help from His Holy Angels. God loves us all and will aid us. He rejoices in our hearts calling out for assistance as we remember we are not asked to do any of this along. God is with us and God loves us and God is Faithful! (1st Corinthians 1:9)