Our Ministry is run by donations, prayers and the loving support by those moved by what we offer.

If you are open to assisting us in our Work for God, please consider donating. You can help us to reach many more that are in need and ease the suffering of mankind through this time of World Shift. There is a lot to be done, more workers needed in the field. Help us to touch more hearts and share what God has asked of us that God’s Name be Magnified and Glorified in all we Do! Thank you!

PayPal link for a One Time or Monthly Donation : 

There are several ways we offer our services: Recorded Videos and MP3 or by distant prayer through email as well.

God can use each way to touch the heart of His Child in need.

To Purchase an MP3 for Deliverance, $125 click here

For the Deliverance and Distant Healing MP3 combo, $250 click here

For Classes

The First Becoming the Mystic Class is offered free, email Fr. Billy here

To purchase the remaining 8 Becoming the Mystic Classes for $225, click here

For Healings

More information on Healing is found on Blessed Tiffany Snow’s website

And if you have trouble sleeping, here is our $30 Peaceful sleep MP3

Any other questions or comments, feel free email Fr. Billy Clark here