Fr. Billy Clark
Blessed Tiffany Snow

Fr. Billy can help you and your loved ones hear God more fully and strengthen your spiritual gifts. He is a married priest in the Old Holy Catholic Church and specializes in Spiritual Warfare. 

For breaking ancestral or generational bondage in family lines, cleansing deliverance prayers, or video-conference classes to expand your spiritual gifts or even become ordained,  Fr. Billy is your man.

Blessed Tiffany is a documented miracle healer and spiritual teacher. 

She simply calls herself “A worker for The Big Guy.” A lightning strike and NDE began her spiritual journey in 1999, The Holy Stigmata expanded it in 2005-2009. 

She is married to Fr. Billy,  wrote The Divine Decrees, and continues her powerful prayer work of distant healing for people throughout the world.

Deliverance and Breaking Generational Bondage
Does it sometimes feel like you are going one step forward and two steps back? 
Are you suffering unusual attacks on your health, finances or relationships?
These are a few ways to tell if you are under spiritual attack, and there is a Deliverance prayer that can be said to help you.
The unHoly Angels have attacked humanity in these same 3 ways throughout time, just like we read about in the Book of Job. 
Also, sometimes there are curses, hexes or spells passed down through family lines, and the prayer for Breaking Generational Bondage helps with that.
The Divine Decrees

Prayers given through The Holy Stigmata to ease the Suffering of the World.

The main reason Tiffany Snow was blessed with the Holy Stigmata was to become fully able to hear God clearly and receive and write down The Divine Decrees.

The Divine Decrees are prayers given by Our Heavenly Father to help humankind and the earth through these foretold difficulties. These special prayers are already blessed by God and our Free Will activates them when we say “Amen”.

These prayers help you to align your will with God’s Holy Will for you, your loved ones, and the earth. They give you more interaction, protection and assistance from God’s Holy Angels and ease the suffering through this time of world shift. 

The Divine Decrees are also an answer to prayer for those who throughout time have ask “God use me, help me to do more for you” and in addition cover many things we may not normally think about.

Are you looking to hear God more clearly? 

Are you open to prayer? 

Would you like God to use the fullness of who you are, all the places you have been and all the people you have met to make this world a brighter place and ease suffering? 

Would you like greater Holy Protection for you and your loved ones?

Read The Divine Decrees Here

For an AUDIO Version email Randine DiMarco here


Becoming the Mystic Class & Ordination

God Calls Each of Us to Become the Mystic!

Help for you and your loved ones through the protection and clarity comes through Ordination available for all those whom God calls. Learn the knowledge and experience the hope for what is to come and how to make it through this time of World shift, through the escalating pain and suffering to God’s glorious kingdom here on Earth.

Ordination accomplishes what God set out for us at the beginning, the means to come under the protection of God directly and to have the Holy Spirit as your direct companion throughout your adventurous journey, to strengthen in discernment, to be  God´s hands and feet to do His Holy Will here on Earth.

To be Ordained is to work more effectively with His Holy Angels in a most profound and deeply meaningful way to ease the suffering upon all of humanity as we go through this time of World shift.

Becoming the Mystic Classes & Ordination