The Fourth Healing
Deliver us from the evil one

Do you need a deliverance, cleansing or breakage from generational bondage?
Are you, your loved ones or your home being haunted? 

Are You Suffering From:

* Unexplainable, Prolonged, or Unusual Health Problems?
* Similar Negative Situations Repeating thru Family Lines?
* Addictive Behavior or Dependency? Frequent Agitation or Uneasiness?
* Constant Assaults on your Finances, Family and Relationships?
* Unusual Sights or Sounds at your Home, Land or Business?

If you said yes to any of the above, you may be under attack!

We want to help you have full clarity of purpose and freedom to become the person 
you were created to be, without unHoly manipulation of any kind. 
A free life, without any dark invisible entities hanging out over your head, following you around your house or property, messing with your sleep, your children and your pets, or traveling with you in your car. We believe you. We know what you have seen and felt. You are not alone, and help is already in place.
Take this opportunity to get your life back, and get information, prayers and tools you can use for yourself, or receive help from Father Billy if you need it.

It's not about fear. It's also not about religion. It is about God's Divine Love, and Love Always Wins.

Listen here to Fr. Billy on a recent podcast with Paranormal Science WILK FM

                                       Father Billy Clark: Warrior - Priest  
Father Billy Clark
               Spiritual Warrior/Priest, Demonologist

Sometimes There is a Need for Specialty Prayers with an Ordained Priest.  Fr. Billy Clark was Ordained in the Old Holy Catholic Church in December 2006 and is in the line of Apostolic Succession.

Father Billy offers Deliverance and freedom from demonic attack against health, finances and relationships. He offers specialty prayers and information, workshops, classes and consultations so you and your family can have peace and be happier than ever before.

As a Priest who specializes in Spiritual Warfare, Fr. Billy can help break the hold of generational bondage through family lines - going backward and forward in time. He helps identify curses, spells, incantations, evil intent, portals, and ghostly or demonic attachment to people, places or things. He casts away anything that is not of Light and Love against you, your home, your property, your business and your loved ones, helps identify what attracted the problem (when possible) and shares with you many tools and prayers you can do on your own.
You will be surprised about the clarity you can have and how refreshed and light you can feel without the depression, unworthiness, negative voices, lack of abundance, undiagnosable illnesses, house shadows, etc, that might have been pervading your life and home for years and years. You can be free!
Services offered by Fr. Billy
By Phone: Father Billy has successfully helped individuals and families around the world with special prayers for Deliverance and breaking ancestral and generational bondage, spiritual counseling and assistance with hauntings.
In Person: Father Billy lives near Port Jervis, New York; available to schedule House Blessings, Business, Car and Land Blessings, including making Sacred Ground, Exorcism Rites and Hands-On Consultation within a 4 hour radius.
Free Workshops: Father Billy is a gifted speaker and author, and is available to speak to your group or small business on several topics, any of those listed under our article page and many more, contact Fr. Billy.

He is currently offering a workshop called "Haunting and House Blessings," offering information and tools for the average family to successfully bless and brighten their cars and homes and themselves, and clues to when they need a Priest's help. Free within the local Tri-State Area, for outside the immediate area, contact to arrange travel costs.
Father Billy teaches Live Teleconference Classes: "Becoming the Mystic - The Power to Transform All Things." and upon completion of these classes, there is opportunity to become Ordained as well to go and do this much needed work. The classes are also available on prerecorded MP3s for those who cannot attend in person.
Books: "God's Workbook: Shifting into Light - How to Transform Your Life & Global Events with Angelic Help" By Tiffany Snow, Fr. Billy Clark. Available on Amazon and most online bookstores and for your Kindle.
"Each and every moment we can actively choose to be fully protected and guided directly by God - right here and right now.There is power and protection given through prayer, many people are being beat up and they don't need to be. I am here to help you gain freedom from oppression and to help you be a warrior in your own life." Fr. Billy Clark O.H.C.C

Bright Spots

Custom Art to Bless Your Home!

A joint venture of Stigmatic/Healer Tiffany Snow & Spiritual Warfare/Exorcist Father Billy Clark

Ask the Holy Angels to freely visit whenever needed! Through this unique touch-stone of your faith combined with the faith of these two prayer-warriors, receive an out-pouring of 7 Divine Blessings offered in behalf of you and your household! 

Each canvas is hand-painted by Blessed Tiffany in three colors you suggest to match your home, in your choice of two styles!

* A healing prayer offered by Blessed Tiffany for your name and location
* Prayers offered for guidance and peace for you and your household
* A healing prayer offered for any household pets
* A prayer offered by Fr. Billy Clark for a house blessing on your location
* Prayers offering cleansing of your property from ghosts and unHoly Angels
* A blessing upon the Holy Sacrament
* A Deliverance Prayer offered during a Holy Communion in your behalf.

Each is signed by both Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark and the words of the free repeatable Deliverance Prayer are included. Let a BRIGHT SPOT Bless your Home!

Order Yours Today for only $150! (USD)
Each 5/8"x9"x12" canvas comes ready to frame.*
(*Frames shown are for illustration purposes only. Please allow up to 3 weeks for creation. Price includes free shipping. Return for a full refund within 30 days if not happy with this unique and original artwork!)

(1). Splatter and Stripes

(2). Angels and Flowers

Please email Fr. Billy the following information:

Phone Number (in case of questions):________________________________________
Shipping Address: (No P.O. Boxes Please!)

Is this a gift for someone else?     (Yes)     (No)
If so, what is the name to be used for the Blessings?
If so, what is the address to be used for the Blessings?

Please request the 3 colors to match the home, and your choice of 2 styles: 
(Color #1)________________________________________
 (Color #2)________________________________________
  (Color #3)________________________________________

Please choose a style:
(1). Splatter and Stripes   

(2). Angels and Flowers