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Are You Being Haunted?

10 Part Checklist


There are different types and levels of hauntings. Answering the following questions should help you discern if you are haunted, the severity, and whether you want to brighten your home yourself, or need additional help.

There are different kinds of prayers for different things; some can be said by anyone because we are all children of God. Others need the authority of one dedicated to the clerical responsibility. Either way, a House Blessing is a good idea. You may be surprised about how refreshed and light you feel, especially if darkness had been manipulating you and your loved ones for years. 

 If the haunting is severe, contact Father Billy or another Priest. Those faithful and ordained through apostolic succession are recognized by the Holy Angels to have a special authority granted to them, through Christ, to break curses and cast out demons. When these specialty prayers are said an invisible war takes place, the Holy Angels are called in, and the unHoly are battled and removed from you (Deliverance) and your surroundings (Land, Car and House Blessings) while bringing all under the coverage and protection of God's Divine Love. After Fr. Billy completes your House Blessing, he will give you further prayers, directions and physical tools to help you continue brightening your home and become a successful warrior in your own life.


Not all hauntings are demonic - but ghosts don't need to be around either, since their lower vibrations attract unhealthy attention, and many ghosts come under direct manipulation by demonic attack. Also, ghosts are much happier after they go Home; and then when they visit loved ones, it will be as the bright, high energy spirit they truly are, bringing their connection and blessing from Divine Love with them everywhere they go.

 (1). Fear and Uneasiness: Does this place create an overall atmosphere of fear? Do you feel uneasy, moody, anxious, depressed or like you are being watched? What time of the day or night? Does this happen in an established pattern, in seasons or times of the month or year? Is it only in a certain part in your home, or property? 

 (2). Small Children and Pets: Are children feeling uneasy, not sleeping well, or easily scared here? Are pets staring, barking or hissing at seemingly nothing? Do they hide or appear frightened or aggressive for no apparent reason? Children's imaginary playmates, and imaginary monsters, may not be. 

(3). Physical Health: Are you being touched? Are you being bruised, shoved or scratched? Is anyone in the household on strong medications or dealing with pressing health issues (these are vulnerable places for attack). Is anyone experiencing unexplainable, repetitive, prolonged or unusual health problems or have addictive behaviors or dependency?

 (4). Mental/Emotional Health: Difficulty concentrating, pressure headaches? Are you or family members more easily agitated, and argue more than usual? Is anyone having anger issues or dealing with unforgiveness issues for past hurts or abuses? Is someone in a vulnerable state, perhaps in grieving over the loss of a loved one, pet or job? Do you have strange dreams, or thoughts that are out of the norm for you? Repetitive or destructive thoughts of anger, fear, of harming yourself or others? Are you unable to work or stay employed? If you are suffering constant assaults on your finances, family and relationships, be sure to receive a personal blessing on yourself (a deliverance) as well as your home.

 (5). Spiritual Health: Do you feel your ability to pray or hear God clearly is being interfered with? Do dark thoughts pop into your head that God doesn't love you, doesn't hear you or doesn't even exist? Are you feeling hopeless, distracted, confused or disconnected from finding and accomplishing your life purpose?

 (6). Unusual Sights: Do objects go missing then reappear later? Are you seeing figures, dark shadows or full-blown apparitions? Do you see movements from the corner of your eye? Are you finding dead birds or animals in or around your home? Are they bloodless, beheaded or mutilated? Are mysterious bug onslaughts occurring? Are there strange lights, mists, orbs or other abnormalities seen with the naked eye or in photographs taken around you, your house or land?

 (7). Occult: Have you or anyone in your family ever dabbled or trained in occult practices, including Ouija board or Tarot cards? Portals and unHoly invitations can be created by people practicing the occult, or accidentally by people playing around with things they shouldn't be. To the demons, an invitation is an invitation; and although you may feel in control at first, this dark energy will ultimately seek to manipulate, deceive and destroy you in spirit, mind and body.

 (8). Indents to Evil: Hauntings can come attached to an object, so can demons and portals. Do you own anything that was given/bought from people or places (including foreign countries) that might be dedicated thru demonic practices or rituals? Have you received or purchased anything, jewelry/furniture/etc. from garage sales, antique shops or other sources where the item history is unknown? Portals can be made through an object, which may be given to another person, thus passing the connections on with it. Whether the person receiving it knows about it or not they have just made a binding contract to the demons by agreeing to accept the gift. Or if a person purchased it, to the demon that contract is still as binding to the person who now owns it, as it was from the person who first dedicated it through ritual. Not all dedicated items become portals, but the incidence is high.

Negatively indented items can be purified, those that are dedicated need to be fully destroyed. Portals can remain open even after an item is removed - these need to be closed by a Priest. Tracing activity back to the time of receiving an object seldom works, since an entity usually disguises his arrival by delaying his activity. Are you keeping an urn? Remove it from your house. There are many reasons this lowers the home's energy and attracts unwanted guests. 

(9). Time and Location: How long has this been occurring? Did the previous owner or tenants have any issues? Is there any history of dispute over land or mineral rites, Native American habitation, Civil War conflicts, fire or disease outbreaks or other notable events on or near your land? Have people died naturally on the property? Has anyone been killed or abused? Is there evidence of severe weather damage? Are there unusual cold spots in the house? Have there been any modifications to the existing building or any current projects now underway? Is the house near a gravesite, graveyard, cemetery or burial ground? 

Hauntings can be caused by curses on the land. Similar to an item dedicated through a ritual, a binding contract may be on the property that people unknowingly inherit. Sometimes there is a central cursed artifact buried on the grounds. Sometimes one or many ghosts (often manipulated) will continue to defend their rights or cause havoc for any trespassers who now occupy "their" land.

 (10). Unusual Smells, Sounds: Are there any occurrences of a foul, putrid or rotting smell? What about the scent of perfume, alcohol, cigar, cigarettes? Do the lights or electricity act up frequently? Are there sounds that can't be logically explained, including pounding, crashing, footsteps, voices, crying, singing, growling, screaming or knocking sounds? Perhaps sounds coming from items that aren't there anymore?

 Congratulations! You have just completed a very thorough checklist which asked how each of your senses respond when you are in your home or on your property. Now discernment is needed on your part. Is your home as happy and healthy as you want it to be? If not, do not be afraid. Love and faith works wonders, prayer always changes things, and you are a child of God and never alone. And if you want more ideas on how to cleanse your home yourself, or discern that the situation needs the coverage of a Priest, you have that too.

 We humans need not ever fear being haunted, for the scripture is trustworthy and true: “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7).